Thursday, October 1, 2009

Physicians Formula Bronzers

Want to get a beachy glow, but don't have a tropical vacation lined up any time soon? No worries. You can can give your face a little pop of color with bronzer. I like the powder versions because I find they give more even coverage, don't streak and just generally look more natural.

My absolute favorite line for (powder) bronzers is Physicians Formula. They have so many color choices, finishes (matte or shimmer), and formulas (mineral wear if you prefer mineral formulas, organic wear that's great for sensitive skin, even a formula with SPF 20 for added sun protection).

All of their compacts come with a mirror and small brush which make them very portable. And the price just can't be beat. They're all around $10-$14 and as good if not better quality than department store brands I've tried before. They have $1 off coupons in the Sunday paper all the time, and CVS (and other drugstores) often have them on special for buy one, get the second half off. It's a great excuse to buy two! There are even a few "Try Free" offers for the Mineral Wear and Bronze Booxter formulas. Now go get glowing! - g.

Tahiti Sweetie!

So, in anticipation of my vacation to Hawaii, I jotted down my favorite beach-inspired products and thought I would do a little blog post about each. However, the vacation crept up on me, there was packing, finishing work, etc. and I barely made it to the airport on time, let alone posted anything here. Now I'm back from my trip. So, for anyone who wants a little Indian Summer, here are some products that do the trick!

First up: Tahiti Sweetie lotion by Bath & Body works. I have two of these (you always need backup) in my bathroom now. And I wish that I would have picked up TSA-friendsly travel-sized versions (2 oz) before embarking on my trip. They're on special 3 for $10 on the Bath & Body Works website.

It's not to thick, leaves my skin soft, but most of all, I just looooove how it smells. Like Banana Boat but sweeter and not too coconutty. Yum. -g.