Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tahiti Sweetie!

So, in anticipation of my vacation to Hawaii, I jotted down my favorite beach-inspired products and thought I would do a little blog post about each. However, the vacation crept up on me, there was packing, finishing work, etc. and I barely made it to the airport on time, let alone posted anything here. Now I'm back from my trip. So, for anyone who wants a little Indian Summer, here are some products that do the trick!

First up: Tahiti Sweetie lotion by Bath & Body works. I have two of these (you always need backup) in my bathroom now. And I wish that I would have picked up TSA-friendsly travel-sized versions (2 oz) before embarking on my trip. They're on special 3 for $10 on the Bath & Body Works website.

It's not to thick, leaves my skin soft, but most of all, I just looooove how it smells. Like Banana Boat but sweeter and not too coconutty. Yum. -g.

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