Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Natural Body Spa

I was talking with my sister recently about how frustrating it is when you get a sub-par massage (I know, I know, there are far greater issues to be resolved, but we don't tackle that stuff on this blog). She had treated herself to a birthday spa day and was very disappointed. Massages cost enough money that I think we have a good reason to be disappointed if they don't meet our expectations! Finding a good massage therapist is like the quest for a good hair stylist (girls, you know how tough this is--I know people that will fly across country a few times a year rather than entrust their locks to anyone but their stylist) or even a good doctor.

I am very happy to say that I have found a great massage therapist at Natural Body Spa in Arlington. They are offering 20% off on some of their most popular services this month. Granted, the offer is only good Monday through Thursday during hours where most of us are obliged to slave away at our desks...but if you're planning a day off or happen to work nearby and can scoot away for a long lunch or find yourself not obligated to work and can treat yourself, you can do so for 20% less using the coupons below. -g.